ABST Engineering provides consulting services in civil engineering. Our experts in structural engineering, water resource engineering, environment and sanitation engineering provide the best possible solutions to the engineering problems in the related fields.

We are proficient in dealing civil engineering problems with the help of computer programs. Our engineers are trained to think out of the box and deal problems in innovative approach. We also use computer programming to automate repetitive tasks. ABST Engineering can meet or exceed service delivery levels whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Structural Engineering – We do structural analysis and design of structures to fulfill the Canadian code requirements. We also conduct structural analysis and certifications of the structural modifications of existing structures as required by the municipalities or counties.

Water Resources Engineering – Our engineers are experts in stormwater management, drainage design, waste water treatment, water quality and project monitoring projects in urban and rural areas of Canada and developing countries.

Training, Publication and Research – Our research engineers are well trained in conducting research and publication. We prepare training modules and deliver training according to our client’s needs and requirements.